The new age prophet (Schmidruti-Switzerland)

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The new age prophet (Schmidruti-Switzerland) Empty The new age prophet (Schmidruti-Switzerland)

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Obviously, without doubt,  switzerland is the Chosen land.

I read and learned that Billy Meier is the prophet of the New Age, the direct reincarnation of Jmmanuel (Jesus Christ). He has done many accurate prophecies including the Iraq war. At the moment, he lives in Schmidruti, Switzerland (This land is a blessed land, the chosen land of creation).In the future, people will pay a pilgrimage to his place.  It is wonderful to be around his place. I paid a visit to his home at Schmidruti and I hope I will return soon to enjoy another day in my life as well. Knowing his story by itself is liberating. Lots of secrets that were covered deliberately from us are clearly described in his teachings.  Those who are trapped in religion without knowing creation, this is the best way to start and learn the real deal.

Some of his predictions are stated in the following link.
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