Most important challenges of Eritreans in diaspora

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Most important challenges of Eritreans in diaspora Empty Most important challenges of Eritreans in diaspora

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I have seen an article (linked here), stating that the major problems of political opponents in diaspora etc… this reminded me the real problem Eritreans have in diaspora and thought to write  the following.…………….. Certainly, the politics would not be the primary concern while living in a second country with a  limited right. The permit problem consumes thoughts and diverts attention from the real problem we have at home. In my opinion, the major problem most Eritrean refugees facing today is not the squabble among different political groups in diaspora but “la permis de sejour” and integration problem in Europe.

The villain is the system or the refugee law itself that is protecting refugees from integration.

What are the problems involving with  the permits?

                  •        It is difficult to get a job or to  integrate economically with  temporary permits.

Temporary permit (F permit) cannot be found , among other permits,  in the  public service system list (computers), therefore this discourage employers not to consider employment or internship with an F permit holders,  as a result almost all application  turned negative without examination, without going in to the matter.

This can be proved right by looking in to the following examples,

1. Just go down to the nearest orange, sunrise and Swisscom telephone shop and ask why F permit is not in their subscribers list (customers’ subscription list. They refuse subscription to F permit as it is not yet recognized in the public service system. The B and F (political refugee) permits  have similar benefits, but still F permit is not listed in the  system. This is just one example but you can find many similar situations in any public offices as well.

2. The cantonal immigration system itself distract F permit from getting employment as there are bureaucratic barriers and also no F permit mentioned in any forms available online (check this link) (F permit employment needs cantonal immigration office approval, otherwise no employment will take place). Employers would be  discouraged by the process and they prefer to refuse without going into details.

3. Accommodation is difficult to get as F permit holders because  F permit is not described in the list inside the application form (check this link). In fact, at the moment the Hospice General (HG -Genève) is  placed most asylum seekers permanently in foyers. This is a violation of  the decision given by the ODM. Lack of accommodation is an escapegoat to place refugees permanently in Foyers, however, even if one gets a room to rent  the HG does not allow it.  This affects  both B and F permit holders. it can be imagined the discomfort brought by  living in a very small room for long periods, it will  discourage marriage as well. this violates the right to have a family life.

4. Consult EPFL online registration website, you will find no where F permit under the lists of allowed permits, so it is impossible to register in schools having an F permit(check the link here). The system protects temporary permit holders  from registration.

The list can go on, it is unfair to block  integration with permanent permit papers and leave refugees to take forced aids for more than 7 years. International community should consider any solution that may help temporary accepted refugees to get out of the virtual prison state.


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