When fallacies are serving the Dictator

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When fallacies are serving the Dictator Empty When fallacies are serving the Dictator

Post  zerai deres on Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:27 pm

When fallacies are serving the Dictator

These days we have heard many rumors in the media that a change is coming to Eritrea, mutiny, fake death of Isayas etc. We have heard many hoaxes before as well. I believe that these were deliberately performed theatres by Isayas himself, in order to discredit the Medias and then later sing the songs of saints on TV Er.

The staged dramas were designed to serve the purpose of disseminating fallacies to the populace. Because he knows that the Unofficial 03 websites of HIGDEF such as Assena and Awate would pick up this nonsense and sell it to the world. Later, after a while, Isayas will come on TV to pretend as if he is a saint. He would say, ንህና ነቲ ኮነ ኢልካ ዝዝረብ ዘረባታት ካበይ ከምዝፍነው ንፈልጦ ኢና፡ ነዚ ሀገር ንምፍራሱ ዝግበር ዘሎ ዉዲት ትም ኢልና ክንእዘቦ ጸኒህና ኢና ክብለና ኢዩ። and he would add, We are in the process of changing our country and our people. The people of Eritrea knows them very well as he had passed through 30 years of difficult times, so we do not entertain those fanciful desires of the enemies of Eritrea etc. ነዚ ሀገር ከም ሶማል ንምግባር ዘይተመሓዘ ዉዲት ኣሎ ክበሃል ኣይከኣልን ኢዩ; ክብለና ኢዩ::

This is the game Isayas wants to play.

I think, the opposition websites need to be a little more sophisticated and study the political moves before pasting the rumors on their websites. This supports HIGDEF financially and politically. As long as opposition websites are working in his favor, HIGDEF is enjoying the support and save more money that should be spent on Medias and 03’s. It means, the money collected to support ASSENA serves the government in other ways round.

There are sympathizers who support the dictator wholeheartedly and there are chaps who support passively without their knowledge such as Assena and Awate . I think there are future risks here. Other than discrediting the Medias, The hoax news may have also side effect in the long run. There will be risks of dismissal of honest news without proving it. This will kill the struggle for democracy and strengthen the Isayas dynasty to prevail above all odds. There should be journalism and ethics here. In the western countries, if one is above 18 years old and does something offensive or dangerous, subsequently the perpetrator would be sued in the court of justice. Immersing knowingly or unknowingly in to wrong deeds is punishable by law in any western country. I think, it is time for the opposition sites to be more mature and civilized.

The irony is most pal-talkers; accuse that important Eritrean personalities for not participating in the politics of Eritrea. Well for that matter, the populace has chosen to do politics with feelings rather than reason, so those reasonable people, although they adamantly oppose the government, they cannot show up in the struggle. There are many an enlightened Eritreans out there who distanced themselves from the politics of emotion. The real world is not like talking in pal-talk rooms where you can express your ignorance, anger and emotions freely. Therefore, being politically mature is the right mental attitude to attract those smart people and enjoy their advice as well as their support towards the downfall of the Isayas Government..

Finally, I would like to advice my two favorite websites, Assena and Awate not to be immersed in the Isayas future plot in order to serve the people better. You can think better than posting those rumors and contribute to the survival of the Isayas dynasty longer than expected.


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