The daughter of Minister Petros Solomon (complete interview)

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The daughter of Minister Petros Solomon (complete  interview) Empty The daughter of Minister Petros Solomon (complete interview)

Post  zerai deres on Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:04 pm

No need more proof than this  to condemn Isayas  Afwerki  life imprisonment or death sentence?

This simply shows how cruel Isayas Afwerki is.  The worst is those people who are still supporting this demonic regime. They are the lowest of all and are less than animals. Shame on the supporters of PFDJ.
Guys! We need to be the keepers of our brothers and Sisters. Let us say enough is enough together! 
Nothing more can reveal the true picture of the regime in Eritrea than the imprisnment of gallant Eritreans by a bunch of imbeciles (camouflaged Eritreans), substitution of  the Eritrean defense by Demihits forces (imagine more than 40000 soldiers), substitution of  key generals and powerfull  personalities by citizens who do have  non Eritrean origin. Then what are we waiting for?  Is there any other war other than these? are we waiting until the coming of the Armageddon ?  or are we waiting until they finish  us all in the country and then take out our eyes here in diaspora?

The truth is this:  If today is our brothers then tomorrow will be our turn. Someone who killed our brothers today will never sleep until he finishes us all; because we will be his night mare. Therefore, it is better for us to stop them now!

Ask yourself, if one among   non Eritrean origin  such as Yemane Monkey, Yemane Charli and Gen.Wuchu etc goes to prison.You donot find one of their kind in prison,  but Eritreans are in thousands. Open your eyes and find the engima guys!  

Then check the following videos:

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