Is not that difficult to say I am an Eritrean?

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Is not that difficult to say I am an Eritrean? Empty Is not that difficult to say I am an Eritrean?

Post  zerai deres on Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:46 pm

Is not that difficult to say I am an Eritrean?  As Eritrea is becoming a no man land

As indicated in the video below, the government of Eritrea was intentionally sending out Eritreans to foreign countries since 1994. They were forcing young Eritreans out in thousands under the cover of employment in foreign countries. It was a big secret then, a hidden agenda.  However, it has become clear when many young Eritreans are currently forced out systematically through inflictions of torture and imprisonment.

Off course the hidden agenda is an open secret to many now. It is to dispose out the young and control the country by any means, stay in power and reinforce the grip of power. The government of Isayas Afwerki used lots of technique to accomplish this agenda. The most important of all is replacing the army by foreign recruits.   This makes mutiny or any endeavors of uprising against the regime impossible. The regime has already trained more than 40000 soldiers of foreign entities (Non Eritrean origin) to crash any antagonistic rising elements of the already weakened Eritrean force. The army core is controlled and commanded by citizens who do have non–Eritreans origin, those are  handpicked generals

Most importantly the surveillance in Eritrea cannot allow a fly to pass through, let alone a group of soldiers to rise against.  

These are some of the reason that young Eritreans are leaving their country in thousands, leaving their loved ones behind. However, there still exit an involvement of the regime in the asylum requesting process through its interpreters, or other corruption means.  This is designed to subjugate and make Eritreans submissive throughout their stay in western countries as well.  As a result most Eritreans denied the right to have asylum and on the other hand, the non-Eritreans get asylum in the name of Eritreans. A twofold attack! bizzar! is not it?

Is not that difficult to say I am an Eritrean ?  As Eritrea is becoming a no man land.  Eritrea has already been taken by non Eritrean Entities and its people have been forced to become nomads and stateless citizens everywhere in Europe and North America.
This is the tragic part unknown to most citizens and foreigners alike.

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