Time to break our silence, a call to Eritreans residing in South Africa

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Time to break our silence,  a call to Eritreans residing in South Africa  Empty Time to break our silence, a call to Eritreans residing in South Africa

Post  zerai deres on Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:43 pm

Exiled Eritreans in South Africa and citizens of South Africa of Eritrean origin have been very quiet as if you have no conscience and responsibility of what is happening in our country.

Have you forgotten the people who brought you up under difficult circumstances, are the harshest oppressed, persecuted, imprisoned, and killed without as justice and the rule of law are absent where we come from.

Our parents, children, brothers and sisters are fleeing the country in hundreds everyday to find an alternative solution. Most of them do not succeed and have become victims of human traffickers, beginning from their little village, town, and city are asked to pay ransom money and are handed over to criminals. Above all they are being sold for body parts. Monies are paid in Asmara, the Sudan, Israel and internationally. The Government is giving a blind eye to the situation. WHY, WHY, WHY.

The time has come to shout and create awareness wherever we are, individually or collectively. As we are silent, the country we are in, South Africa, is now investing in Eritrea for “Blood Gold”, as they may not be aware of the slave labour they are using, as we are quiet and are not telling them that our conscripts are slave labourers. Lets shout and tell them not to be part of Slave Labour. South Africans have been victims themselves and were rescued by international disinvestment. We ask them to do the same for our persecuted people.

The UN has done what it can, but it is up to us to inform the Parliament and the Government of South Africa of our predicament. It is our duty to inform members of the Diplomatic Corps and International Organisation that we have a country that is ruled without a constitution. That there is no rule of law and there is no justice.

To this effect, we are submitting a memorandum to the Parliament and Government of South Africa, on Monday 18 February 2013. Join us and shout with us, so that our South African brothers and sisters are aware of our predicament and their involvement in this horrible situation. So that the Parliamentarians and Government and the people of South Africa join us in saving our people.

Place: Corner Plein and Roaland Street – Gates to the Parliament, Cape Town
Time: 09.30 – 13.00 hrs
Date: Monday, 18 February 2013

Time to break our silence, and make peace with our conscious. Our people are crying, waiting for help, hoping for salvation. It is in our hands to be part of our brothers and sisters internationally

Lula Gebreyesus

Cape Town

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zerai deres

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