The tortoise is marching towards crime accomplices

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The tortoise is marching towards crime accomplices Empty The tortoise is marching towards crime accomplices

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:10 am

The above video indicates the true face of Eritrea, though the documentary film and the comments are delivered by foreign based journalists. As an Eritrean, I can assure that I had experienced all of them and I am still suffering from the psychological trauma imposed on me during my stay in Eritrea, both as civil employee and serving in the national military service.

However, the saddest scene is the negative response of western countries to the asylum request of Eritrean refugees. Eritreans suffer at home due to a crazy dictator and on the other hand westerners refuse to acknowledge their sufferings. This means, Eritreans denied the right to exit on their land as well as in other countries. This is happening in the civilized world, at the time when mankind is at its maximum civilization.

I think if this continues the same, the result would be catastrophic and it will be visible in the coming few years. That is, if the bad situation at home continues to exist and if the other world has no solution to Eritrean refugees, then it is just like denying life the right to exist. It is like prohibiting breathing oxygen or suffocating someone and cease his life. Who among us give his life without defending it? I think, as the desire to exist is powerful than the cruelties that may be imposed on life, life would not submit easily to cruelty. unless otherwise one is completely powerless to defend himself. Therefore, imagine the consequence of giving no attention to refugees and not alleviating their problems. It is more catastrophic than the refugee crisis itself.

On the other hand:

Isayas Afwerki is inventing dramas and mutiny now and then in order to live forever on the throne. This time he invented terrorists out of his mutiny DRAMA, just to get the advantage of the current situation of war on terrorists in Mali. It was time for him to create a drama about terrorists to convince the world that his government is doing well in fighting them. On the other side, the drama helped him to imprison his crime accomplices in order to cover his guilt that he did during the time of the struggle for liberation. Poisoning to kill directly or imprisoning and imposing a slow death is a working tactic so far.

His new victims are Mustafa Nurhusien and Abdla Jabir, who fought with EPLF for more than 40 years and who are the fabrics of the EPLF itself. This suggests that the party is cleansing itself from fanatics that it was very difficult to do during the struggle for liberation, even with in the past 20 years. Isayas took him 40 years to identify terrorists in his party system. As he usually says, he was studying them for 40 years to prove that they are terrorists. Well done mister president, you are practicing the universal law that says no one is guilty until it is proven. Now you have proven it to the public that these guys are partners of the mutiny. Well done!

Though the drama was not a brilliant one, he was successful in imprisoning his old crime accomplices and Concealing his own crime secrets little by little. He will continue to do this until he killed all his crime accomplices. Anyone who cooperated with him and killed innocent Eritrean during the struggle for liberation expect your turn to come soon, the tortoise (your big boss, perpetrator and crime accomplice) is marching towards you slowly.


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