PFDJ in melbourn Attack Eritrean Activist-Ahmed Abdelrehim (Philips)

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PFDJ in melbourn Attack Eritrean Activist-Ahmed Abdelrehim (Philips)  Empty PFDJ in melbourn Attack Eritrean Activist-Ahmed Abdelrehim (Philips)

Post  Nakfa on Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:29 pm

The private state of Isayas, Eritrea, the land of many slaves and few masters.

The people of Eritrea, The land of Wedi Legesse and himself, the Eritrean airlines, the Eritrean shipping line including its Vessels on the sea ports, the elephants at Gash Barka, the salt and the fishes of red sea and the Bisha Gold, the Bada potash, the zinc and cobalt of Dbarwa and the future oil of Red sea, you name it. These are the properties of ISAYAS, and the members of PFDJ think themselves as shareholders and they are fighting everywhere to preserve wealth for themselves and for their future extended families. They think that they are the destiny child of Eritrea and other Eritreans are appendices. They are in the business of protecting the wealth, vigilantly, from the appendices of Eritrea.

The desperate action by the PFDJ members in Australia shown in this video indicates the same. The PFDJ's are those guys who have either no idea what a country means or those who think that ISAYAS has already bought Eritrea for them. As a result they committed themselves to protect Eritrea and their master Isayas, from the slaves.

You cannot chain people for long, it is impossible. Let alone ISAYAS no super power can do that.


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