Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerhatu paltalk discourse 18.12.2012

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Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerhatu paltalk discourse 18.12.2012  Empty Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerhatu paltalk discourse 18.12.2012

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Date 22.12.2012

Eritrean government agents are returning home from different foreign countries :Huge operations, multi faceted, are going on in HGDEF's home.

The government of Eritrea is begging young asylum seekers to return home by signing guilty or excuse form, a newly manufactured method to attract young asylum seekers to return home. As the ambassador Tesfamichael Gerhatu has explained that many young immigrants have already returned home and visited families without being arrested by the security officers in Asmara.

The ambassador assured that the government is working hard towards helping those who wanted to return home without being questioned . He said just simply sign the forms and grab the opportunity to return home.

According to the ambassador, this method is manufactured to attract young asylum seekers to invest at home. The main target is the hard currency. At the moment, the 2% tax used to be paid by Eritreans in Diaspora is dwindling due to restrictions in foreign countries. As a result, money is tight at home and this is another tactic invented both to extort money and dismantle the young opposition group in Diaspora.

The signed papers may also be used as supporting facts for arguments that may arise from international community. Simply to indicate and present that those asylum seekers are not really politically motivated but economically unfavored citizens. To indicate that increasing sanction on Eritrea will probably increase more refugees. In short it helps them to fabricate stories and present distorted facts to convince the international community that they are in the business of improving lives not torturing and traumatizing people.

The situation at home is still the same, many died while crossing borders and still the government is killing many others while crossing out through heavily protected borders. On the other hand, as a disguise and to mislead others, many agents are returning home after requesting political asylum in foreign countries. Though it is against the asylum rule, the government of Eritrea is still trying to convince and attract others just by permitting to cross in through Sudan border without stamping visa marks on their passports. They get permission to cross in with a simple white paper that helps to identify them as visitors. That means, they travel to Sudan and then get special visitor paper to enter across Sudan border to Eritrea. This help returnees to remain unrecognized by their host countries as there will be no traces on their passport.

This new tactic is created in a response to the rise of independent youth organizations that are actively engaging in exposing the government. These youth organizations , so far, are unable to be controlled and infiltrated by gov. agents in Diaspora. Recently the demonstration in Geneva has shown that the potential of the young opposition groups of asylum seekers, foreign born Eritreans and other Eritrean immigrants in Europe. This created tremendous fear that the government may shake up and fall like regimes in Egypt or Libya if the situation continues the same. As a result, many operations are going on in Diaspora such as creating new cells, sending divisive rumors among different Eritrean ethnic groups, false accusation of dessidents, discouraging and attacking personalities, especially directed on those who engaged in exposing the brutality of the regime through different means. Further more, organizations have already been frormed in order to cripple the opposition group in Europe and North America. As the ambassador said it, they have already started in Switzerland and it will continue to other countries as well.


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