Hilesilassie verses Meles Zenawi.

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Hilesilassie verses Meles Zenawi. Empty Hilesilassie verses Meles Zenawi.

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Hilesilassie verses Meles Zenawi.

Meles Zenawi is speaking about Eritreans residing in Ethiopia. He said " if the gov. of Ethiopia think that the colour of their eyes is not appealing to us and if we said go, they have to leave our country immediately" and he added, "this can happen with out even considering the safety of the country." That was the reason why Eritreans deported from Ethiopia with out considering their legal and human right to continue living in Ethiopia. Many were deported to eritrea where they had never lived or known. They deported from Ethiopia where they were born and grew. literaly, ethiopia is their mother country. Further more, most of the properties of Eritreans were confiscated and taken by the cadres of the government of Ethiopia. Some of the Eritreans became mentally ill and their life ruined. I witnessed the deported Ethio-Eritreans , metaly ill, walking on the streets of Asmara aimlessly. on the streets of freedom avenue, walking 100 times during the day, talking alone................ It was the cruellest phenomenon that happened to Eritreans. Ethiopia deed this to Ethio-eritreans, only because they had Eritrean ancestral origin. it can be said that the haux independence of Eritrea has affected Ethio-Eritreans two time as compared to Eritreans who were residing in Eritrea.

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